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Hermanos Guerra ltd empresa dedicada a Otras actividades y Ocio, cultura y deportes

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We specialize in creating self-sustainable communities in rural areas. This implies the protection of natural resources to continue their use in a long-term basis. We offer a new lifestyle, a return to nature. With small investments and low usage of petroleum-based energy, anyone can make products that can be used personally or commercially.

With so many raw materials in Nicaragua, it is a shame that we aren t adding any value to them. Give more jobs, create more value-added products with sustainable processes, and help everyone prosper.

Nicaragua has a lot to offer, we will help you reap its benefits while giving back to its beauty.

En estas categorias vas a poder encontrar cosas como Ocio, cultura y deportes. Pero tambien podes encontrar Otras actividades

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Ciudad :Boaco
Provincia :Boaco
País :Nicaragua

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